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USA Make the Leap to Broadcast TV?

The following contains minor spoilers (including casting) for CBS’s The Challenge: USA.

The Challenge: USA marks the graduation of the long-running The Challenge franchise from MTV to broadcast network CBS. While the distinction between broadcast TV and other channels is no longer what it used to be the move is still a testament to the continued popularity of the show. It’s also part of broadcast network’s willingness to experiment. Along with tweaks in how the show is cast, the leap to broadcast TV should come with a bevy of changes. If done well, The Challenge will continue to improve with age just like La carrera asombroza you have donated

The Challenge: USA is the latest iteration of The Challenge franchise. The franchise gathers reality stars from different shows and pits them in a variety of challenges ranging from extreme hair-raising stunts, intense athletic feats, cerebral tasks, and the occasional off-the-wall wacky challenge. In addition to challenges, all seasons of The Challenge are very much social games. Each week contestants vote to put people up for elimination forcing two contestants to face off for their survival on the show. of course, The Challenge normally features healthy doses of partying and drama (often related), and a lovable host that hates quitting above all else, TJ Lavin.

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The biggest change introduced to the show is the casting. The Challenge relies on bringing back contestants from MTV shows over and over again. Since this season is on CBS, producers cast players from popular CBS reality series. players from La carrera asombroza, big brotherand survivor compose the stellar lineup. A fresh lineup means that the standard rookie/veteran drama will thankfully be left behind. At the same time, all the players have experience with reality shows and gamesmanship, so they can avoid a poor strategy which could get them eliminated.

While the headline challenges are central to the show, a season of The Challenge is at least half about the drama. Expect much of the drama to come from the big brother and Love Island crews. Competitors from La carrera asombroza and survivor are not necessarily strangers to drama, but it is a different style than typical of The Challenge. Add in the fact that contestants from these shows skew older, and it seems like they should provide a bit of stability. More mature reality stars like Danny McRae, Tyson Apostol, or Ben Driebergen do not shirk away from conflict but are not likely to engage in normal The Challenge shenanigans.

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The challenges in previous seasons have had a wide range of production value. Some involved truly impressive set-ups to hoist players far into the air, and other times challenges could be as simple as a spelling bee. Bet on more of the former with CBS wanting to create a spectacle. Expect contestants flying around like Spider-Man, but with better results than the one in Universal Studios. Early looks at the show display large constructs and a more extreme feel. If the drama is indeed not as central to this version of The ChallengeCBS will place more emphasis on bigger and more extreme challenges.

Broadcast TV was overtaken by streaming over a year ago. Even so, there is a modicum of mystique left to be a broadcast show. The Challenge: USA has a great shot to successfully make the transition by playing to the strengths of existing CBS reality shows along with having a stellar cast. It might not mean quite what it used to, but the promotion to broadcast TV means The Challenge is all grown up.

The Challenge: USA premieres on CBS on Wednesday, July 6 at 9:30.

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