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originally published: 07/05/2022

(HACKENSACK, NJ) — Riverside Gallery will host a special group exhibition of four artists – Woon Joo Park, Tae Mo Yang, Dae Sun Hwa-Lee, Young Kyung Chung. The exhibition will run from July 15-23, 2022. All four artists make use of the imagery of nature to contemplate about the human perspective and condition, including the feminine, the beautiful and the sublime, and the fantasy.

Within traditional western philosophy, the binary-oppositional relationship of the masculine-culture to the feminine-nature was a persistent theme until it was challenged by the Feminist critiques. Mother Nature is a poetic metaphor for the capacity for creation and sexuality of the woman in her essence of her. Works by Tae Mo Yang, Dae Sun Hwa Lee, and Woon Joo Park appear to make this association of femininity with nature through their use of curvilinear and organic forms. Tae Mo Yang’s paintings rely more on graphic lines (albeit their textured nature), while Dae Sun Hwa Lee is based on a buildup of painterly forms. Woon Joo Park’s acrylic and silkscreen works illustrate majestic trees that overlap to form abstract shapes and layers, and they represent breathing, as the lungs have similar internal structures called trachea.

Nature also contains instances of the beauty and the sublime, which were thought to be the consonant (harmonious) and dissonant (disharmonious) aspects of our perception of nature. It was thought that people could overcome the dissonance of the sublime, which puts us at odd with nature, through the expression of freedom outside the laws of nature. Young Kyung Chung’s works appear to show this kind of investigation – the mixed media pieces made of a buildup of materials that also peel off of one another overcome their grotesque and dissonant nature by the elegant and harmonious expression of color.

Fantasy is a domain of thought and imagination that relates to the expression of human freedom; we take inspiration from and transcend the ordinary to imagine what could be a greater experience or to see what is forbidden and unknown. Young Kyung Chang’s works often depict small, flatly-filled silhouettes of figures that occupy much larger structures of plants and flowers. They appear hoping to interact with the fairies and the bug creatures that inhabit these spaces of flowers and plants at night.

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, July 16th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

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About the Artists:

Riverside Gallery To Host Group Exhibition Of Four Artists

Night – Flower Series (by Yang Taemo)

Yang Tae Mo has a BFA in painting at Dankook University, a MFA Graduate School of Education. Dankook University, a Doctoral degree from Daiversity, and is a Professor at Dankook University. He has had a total of 26 solo exhibitions all around the world from (Die Wolfsburg) Germany to (Pleiades Gallery, Road Gallery) New York to (Song ǔn Gallery, Gallery SEAN, GanaInsa Art center) Seoul to (Pyongtaekho Artcamp, Pyongtaek Culture and Art center) Pyeongtaek to (Saraiva Gallery) France. He has won about 41 awards — Special Choice (2x) and Successful Competitor in The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Successful Competitor (2x) in The Grand Art Exhibition of Jungang, Grand Prize in The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea and Japan, Grand Prize , Special Choice (3x) and Successful Competitor (4x) in The Grand Art Exhibition of Sosaval, Special Choice (3x) Successful Competitor (5x) in The Grand Art Exhibition of Chungnam.

Riverside Gallery To Host Group Exhibition Of Four Artists

Story of Forest 21-2, 60×60(cm), acrylic & silkscreen (by Woon Joo Park)

Woon Joo Park received her BFA and MFA in painting from the Ewha Womans University and has had 9 solo exhibitions. She also participated in 20 art fairs, including KIAF and Busan. Park also participated in the Busan International Environment Art Festival and Korea Fine Arts Exchange Association, Korea-Germany Cultural Exchange Exhibition. Furthermore she has shown her works by her at the Seoul Contemporary Art Exhibition in Sydney. She is a member of the Korea Fine Arts Association, the Seoul Fine Arts Association, Ewha Painting Association, and the Gap-Ja Fine Art Association.

Riverside Gallery To Host Group Exhibition Of Four Artists

Forest Road, 50x50cm, mixed media, 2021 (by Lee Dae Sun Hwa)

Lee Dae Sun Hwa received her Ph.D. in color from the PIC University in the USA and post-graduated in oil painting at the Duksung University. She has had 26 private exhibitions including in LA and Seoul and Daejeon (Korea). She also participated in 2-persons exhibitions two times and participated in international art fairs over 30 times, in Melbourne (Australia), London, Brussels, Paris, Miami (USA), Sinagpore, Malaysia, and so on. She also participated in art fairs in Korea, including Seoul, Busan, Daejon, and Gwangju. She exhibited in more than 700 group shows, including the Environment Project (‘The pig left’), Integration and Unity in 2019, and Pyeongchang Olympics Closing Festival in 2018. Lee currently serves as an advisory board member in art at Carnegie Lee Foundation, Director of Korean Art Association, Full-time Artists’ Association, Gapja Artist Group, and Contemporary Artists Association.

Riverside Gallery To Host Group Exhibition Of Four Artists

Painting by Young Kyung Chung

Young Kyung Chung attained her BFA in painting from the Ewha Womans University in 1977 and MA in painting from Chung Ang University in 1997. She has had five solo exhibitions, as well as participating in Nam-Song Art Fair, Chai Lim Exhibition, Seoul Contemporary Art Fair, Gap Ja Exhibition, Chengdu Biennale (China), and The Asian Spirit% Soul.

riverside-gallery is located inside the Riverside Mall (One Riverside sq. Suite 201) in Hackensack, New Jersey. Riverside Gallery is a 21st century pioneer in bringing talented international artists and exhibiting diverse mediums of art. The Gallery is dedicated to opening a channel for both established and new up-and-coming artists to express their visions, and for clients to experience and appreciate art. Its prestige and reputation stems from special art collections and successful past exhibitions of works by well-known artists.

The Gallery is located at the heart of the art community, only a few minutes from New York City. Artists who have exhibited their work at Riverside Gallery take pride in the fact that their work has been exhibited in a forum that highly values ​​uniqueness, creativity, and talent.

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