Mark is flying a kite and realizes that 300 feet of string is out. Mark anchored the kite to the ground. The angle of the string with the ground is 42.5∘. How high is Mark's kite above the ground? Find your answer to the nearest tenth.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The kite is 202.7 feet above the groundStep-by-step explanation:The scenario is depictedd in the picture attachedwe have to find the height.Trigonometric ratios will be used to find the height.So,[tex]sin\ (42.5) = \frac{h}{300}\\ 0.6756=\frac{h}{300}\\0.6756*300=h\\202.68 = h[/tex]The height is 202.68 feetRounding off to the nearest tenth202.7 feetTherefore, the kite is 202.7 feet above the ground ..