An office supply store sells pencils individually or by the case. Pencils purchased individually cost $0.97 each. One case of forty pencils costs $37.20. Purchasing pencils by the case rather than individually saves per pencil.

Accepted Solution

Purchasing case saves $0.04 per pencil.Step-by-step explanation:Price of individual pencil = $0.97Price of case = $37.20Quantity of pencils in case = 40Cost of one pencil from case= Price of case Γ· Quantity of pencils[tex]cost\ of\ one\ pencil=\frac{37.20}{40}\\cost\ of\ one\ pencil=\$0.93[/tex]Amount saved = Price of individual pencil - Cost of 1 pencil from case[tex]Amount\ saved=0.97-0.93\\Amount\ saved=\$0.04[/tex]Purchasing case saves $0.04 per pencil.Keywords: Division, SubtractionLearn more about division at:brainly.com/question/5059091brainly.com/question/5069437#LearnwithBrainly