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10 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix After Finishing Season 4

The final episodes of Stranger Things 4 dropped on Netflix this past Friday and allowed fans to finally witness the epic showdown between the heroes of Hawkins, Indiana and Vecna, the horrifying force of the Upside Down. That showdown arrived with plenty of action and plenty of tears, as we all binged through the last two episodes of stranger things‘ penultimate season as fast as possible. Now that the whole season is behind us, the likely lengthy wait for Season 5 is upon is.

Stranger Things 4 set up Stranger Things 5 incredibly well, but the final installation of the beloved series hasn’t even been completely written yet. It’ll be a long time until we see more stranger things on our TV screens. Fortunately, Netflix has a lot of movies that will help pass the time.

Below, we’ve come up with a list of 10 movies currently streaming on Netflix that will scratch the stranger things itch, for one reason or another. Some feature the cast and creators of stranger things, while others exist in the same genres with similar tones. If you’re already missing stranger thingsgo check out any of these 10 movies to help tide you over.

Just a heads up, a couple of these recommendations come with some spoilers for Stranger Things 4 (especially the last one). Be careful if you haven’t finished the season!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

stranger things has been influenced by no shortage of iconic ’80s movies, and A Nightmare on Elm Street is easily the most obvious of those influences in Stranger Things 4. Vecna ​​attacks his victims in their minds, using their guilt against them, much like Freddy Krueger used fear against his victims while haunting their dreams. Robert Englund, who starred as Freddy throughout the Elm Street franchise, even has an appearance in Stranger Things 4playing Victor Creel (later revealed to be Vecna’s father).

There are two Nightmare on Elm Street titles on Netflix: the 1984 original from Wes Craven and the 2010 remake. It should go without saying, but be sure to watch the original.


IT (2017)


Keeping with the obvious, let’s move on to Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of ITEM. Stephen King’s fingerprints are all over stranger thingsand ITEM‘s cast of adolescent heroes exploring the supernatural makes it one of the King works most closely related to Netflix’s hit series. And it’s worth mentioning that Finn Wolfhard stars in both projects.

Only the first part of Muschietti’s ITEM saga is currently available on Netflix. IT: Chapter Two can be found on HBO Max.


Metallica Through the Never

(Photo: Picturehouse)

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” may be the song that is forever linked to Stranger Things 4, but Metallica steals the show in the season finale with a little help from fan-favorite hero Eddie Munson. Joseph Quinn’s character delivers the “most metal concert ever” in the third act of the Stranger Things 4 finale, shredding Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on top of his trailer in the Upside Down.

Metallica Through the Never is a unique kind of concert movie, cutting together a full Metallica show with a story of a roadie (played by Dane DeHaan) who gets sent out into a chilling riot to retrieve something of importance for the band. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Metallica, or discovering their music for the first time thanks to stranger things, Through the Never is a great way to experience the iconic metal artists.

If you just want some more “Master of Puppets” action, the song starts at around 55 minutes into Through the Never.


Fear Street

(Photo: Netflix)

Okay, so this is a little bit of a cheat since Fear Street is three movies. the Fear Street trilogy is a series of horror movies that Netflix released over the course of three weeks last year, and they all have the same teenage vibes of stranger things. Fear Street: Part One – 1994 features Robin (aka Maya Hawke) in its gnarly and incredibly memorable opening scene. Meanwhile, Max (aka Sadie Sink) plays a leading role in Fear Street: Part Two – 1978 and Fear Street: Part Three – 1666. Sink was arguably the brightest star in all of Stranger Things 4and she’s every bit as good in Fear Street.


Enola Holmes

(Photo: Netflix)

While we’re on the subject of leading roles for stranger things kids, we have to mention Enola Holmes. The 2020 mystery film is led by Millie Bobby Brown in her first true starring turn outside stranger things. Enola gives fans the opportunity to see a completely different side of Brown, as she trades in the her psychic superpowers for some Ryan Reynolds-level wit and fourth wall-breaking. The film also has a great supporting turn from Henry Cavill, playing Enola’s older brother Sherlock.

Now would be a great time to check out Enola Holmes as Netflix has a sequel arriving later this year.


The Adam Project

(Photo: Netflix)

The Adam Project may not hit the highs of stranger things, but it does have a similar love for the styles and tropes of the 1980s. Ryan Reynolds stars as a pilot who travels back in time and attempts to stop a devastating event with help from his younger self. Shawn Levy, director of The Adam Projectis also an executive producer and director on stranger things.


The Mitchells vs. The Machines


At its core, stranger things is about family, and the idea that family (either biological or chosen) can be all you need to defeat even the greatest forces of evil. There isn’t a film in recent memory that embodies that sentiment quite like The Mitchells vs. The Machines. It’s also very easy to draw comparisons between the father of the Mitchell family and one Jim Hopper. If you don’t count the sheriff outfits they have almost the exact same wardrobe.


The Conjuring


Vecna ​​may have been directly inspired by Freddy Krueger, but he’s got roots in all sorts of possession concepts. He’s also got an incredibly creepy house. There have been few recent possession or haunting moves as good as James Wan’s The Conjuringa chilling film that launched an entire cinematic franchise.


The Babysitter

(Photo: Netflix)

While The Babysitter is solid teen horror, it’s nowhere in the same league as stranger things. We all know that. But we have to give some love to the world’s best babysitter where we can. Steve Harrington, this is for you.


I Am Legend


I Am Legend isn’t as connected to Stranger Things 4 as it likely will be to Stranger Things 5. Hawkins probably won’t enter full post-apocalypse territory, but the town we know and love is gone after Vecna’s big attack. The streets and storefronts of Hawkins are going to much emptier than we’re used to seeing them, and there will eventually be monsters roaming the streets of the real world. Major I Am Legend energy is on the way in the final season.



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